What Do You Do When You Are Tired of Running?

I have been in church since I was born. Every Sunday I was there, choir rehearsal and much more! My father was called to pastor over a church which left me, a preachers kid. Even after all of that, did I really know God? I thought I did, I mean, I received so much word, I sung in the choir, so, I thought I was doing a pretty good job being a Christian. There was still something that I longed for. Something that I felt was missing but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had it all, loving husband, three boys, job, health strength and so much more, but something was still off. I began to pray that God would reveal what my purpose on this earth would be. This has been my prayer for the last few years.

When I tell you that God can turn something around for you in instantly, believe me. In a matter of three days, God began to just reveal thing after thing to me. We began to battle because there were some things that he was telling me to do, but I wanted to negotiate instead. When he wants your attention, he will get it, no matter what. Nights I tossed and turned to the point where I just had to surrender it all to him. In doing that he began to reveal to me my purpose. There are two things that I experience first hand. One is being a mother. The other is being a wife. 

Marriage is a wonderful thing, but lets face it, it is in no way, like the fairy tales. There are ups and downs, and it is hard work. In no way, shape or form has my marriage been easy, but I feel that God has placed a ministry inside of me to share with other Christian wives. This will be a platform where we will explore how to deal with real life marital issues, while serving God. This will be a NO JUDGEMENT zone, but a place to learn from others’ experiences. The Christian Wife: Unplugged STARTS NOW


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