Why The Struggle?



“We did everything we were supposed to do under God. We dated, we got married, and now we are wanting to start a family.” Why was it not as easy as I thought it would have been?

I cannot stress enough on how common this struggle is. There are some women who have dealt with this, or who are dealing with this right now. Just know that you are not alone. There have been many who have dealt with this, or are going through it right now.

When my husband and I first got married, we had planned to enjoy each other by traveling and spending quality time together. After that we knew we wanted a family. That should be easy, right? Well it wasn’t. In fact, it took about 3 years before God blessed us with our babies. Let’s talk about how hard it truly is to wait for God’s timing.

I remember crying to my husband often about why we were struggling. Was something wrong with me? Was something wrong with him? Was God mad at us? I kept trying to figure it out, and while I was doing that, my husband, in his calm demeanor, kept telling me to trust God and things will happen when they are supposed to. That sounds good and all, but when a woman has baby fever, she is not trying to hear logic.

Let’s check out some women in the bible who struggled with fertility:

Rebekah was married to Isaac. She was barren and Isaac pleaded with God on her behalf. God blessed them with twins, Esau and Jacob. Read their story here: Genesis 25:19-24

Rachel was married to Jacob. She too was barren. God heard her plea’s and opened her womb. They had two boys, Joseph and Benjamin. Read their story: Genesis 30:1-24

Hannah was married to Elkanah. Hannah weeped in anguish and prayed, asking God for a son. The LORD remembered her and she conceived and birthed a child. She ended up having six children. Read that story here: 1 Samuel 1:10-20.

You see, these women all struggled, but they knew that they served a God who could turn any situation around. God did that for me and my husband. We were blessed with twins in 2011. Looking back, I know realize that God was just getting us in position to take care of not one, but two children at one time. Sometimes the waiting period is due to God preparing us. After the twins, God blessed us with another boy in 2013.

Don’t give up my sisters. God may not come when we want him, but he will always be on time. If you find yourself in a similar situation, keep going to God in prayer with your desires. Nothing is too hard for him.

*Please study to show your self-approved. Read the scriptures provided, for yourself*

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