United Front-Facing Attacks Together

You know the saying, “behind every good man is a wonderful woman?” Well, the same is true the other way around – behind every good woman is a wonderful man. Since marriage is a lifelong commitment, so much can be said when you and your spouse can face conflict together.5032c9f6a0377e49271427bb47217a21

One thing about the past 10 years, is that my husband and I have created such a strong bond, to where we won’t let anyone or anything mess with the other. It’s obvious that the enemy will do whatever he can, to destroy a marriage that was built in God. His job is to find any crack or leak in the foundation in order to have his way. He will try to use anything or anybody to do just that. There are times where my husband will check me spiritually and I will do the same for him. We must keep each other on guard so that we can join together to fight against outside attacks. Therefore, it is so important to be a united front together, to put a stop to the enemy’s schemes. Do you have your spouse’s back?

I don’t mean do you have their back if someone is talking about them. I literally mean do you have their back when they go through spiritual attacks? The Holy Spirit brought to my mind a picture of a husband and wife standing back to back with their swords drawn, ready to fight. You know, sort of like those action movies where the guy and the girl stand back to back to get ready to take on the things that are coming their way.

We as women are powerful. Women in many ways bear the brunt of the family – children’s concerns, husband’s problems, and to top it all, battling our own fears. With all the responsibilities that we have, it is also our responsibility to be one half of that united front for our husbands. With the help of God, women can break cycles of bondage and weakness in the family, make the home a spiritual refuge and ‘fight’ for the health of their marriages and homes. Consider this scripture in your daily walk:

armor-of-god“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12 NIV).



Different attacks that my husband and I faced and still do at times were/are:

  1. arguments
  2. attacks on the jobs
  3. health
  4. behavioral problems in school from one or all three children
  5. temporary division from outside family

There could be things that are not listed that you and your spouse have to unite to fight against. One thing we must remember:

We must pray for our husbands to be protected in everything they do. From physical protection to spiritual protection, we must do our part to keep them lifted on their side of the united front.

*please read and study to show thyself approved*

Next week’s topic: Friendships 

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